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Appmia Review: Professional Spy Software Designed for Smartphones

In contrast to other cell phone spy software available today, Appmia features state-of-the-art components. This monitoring program supports all the major operating systems, i.e. iOS, Android, etc. Despite its advanced features, Appmia is super intuitive and user-friendly. It does not take much time/effort to install the app nor to implement it. The program presupposes excellent customer support, which often comes handy if you are a newbie. One of the most prominent and well-designed features Appmia offers is call recording & listening.

After carrying out a test for this mobile phone software, our experts have concluded that it is excellent for surveillance purposes. The list of Appmia features includes SMS/email/Internet history tracking, photo and video gallery checking, spying on popular online messengers, including Viber, FB, Google hangouts, WhatsApp, iMessenger and many others.

Spying Characteristics

In addition to all the features mentioned above, this spy software incorporates the following elements that surely make it stand out from the crowd. It is essential to note that revolutionary features are available in two different versions that are carefully described below.

Appmia: Premium vs Extreme Versions

The premium version of Appmia incorporates major basic features, such as call log/short text messages/phone gallery monitoring. The Extreme version is more intricate since it offers top-of-the-line spy elements listed further.

  • Phone Recording Element– The spy software includes a wide range of recording components for professional spying. The list includes but is not limited to:
  • a) Recording & Listening to Phone Calls– a professional call-capturing component enables you to secretly listen to any conversation a target person is involved. Additionally, you can record any call and utilize it for further reference (i.e. as a proof that your employee is disclosing corporate information). The greatest benefit of this feature is the ability to listen to the conversation whenever you want, not necessarily in the real time.
  • b) Listening & Recording of the Surrounding Sounds – In addition to monitoring live calls, you can listen to the environmental sounds surrounding the targeted person. It is very convenient when you are willing to prove that your partner is cheating on you since instead of going to see their parents, they may head to a nightclub. So, this feature will let you know about the surroundings 24/7.
  • Access to Passwords– In case your children are trying to hide something from you, i.e. cyber bullying or addictions, the feature called ‘password cracker’ may become a lifesaver. Indeed, children usually lock their mobile phones and put passwords to messaging apps. By using this feature, you will learn more about the social surroundings of your kids, access info they are trying to hide and take due measures just in time.
  • Track Routes– This advanced element gives you an opportunity to see where the targeted object is at any given time. In addition to spying on the direction the object is moving towards, you can put certain geographical restrictions. For instance, if you believe that your employee/kid/spouse should not approach a certain area, use Geo Fencing. If the targeted person approaches this area, you will immediately get a notification via email/SMS.
  • Setting customization– from now on, you can lock/unlock a mobile phone by using a remote panel. In addition, you are allowed to modify cell phone settings without physically accessing their phone.
  • Restrictions – If you have a set of unwanted key words for calls/emails/messages, you can change phone settings in such a way that every time the needed combination pops up, you will be notified. Moreover, it is possible to block certain contacts from the list.
  • Keylogging– You can monitor virtually every action a person takes when using a mobile phone. Since you will get all the passwords, you will be able to see the apps/websites being used and track every key stroke.
  • Putting an End to Questionable Content– The variety of mobile apps and websites is so big that improper content becomes an everyday issue, not an exception. If you believe that certain apps and games are harmful or inappropriate for your offspring, you can block or uninstall those in a couple of clicks.

Appmia: Manual for Amateurs

After careful review of this app and its functions, you may be eager to try it as soon as possible. The first step is to install it onto the needed cell phone. Hence, it is crucial to follow the guidelines to a T and make all the required changes to get the mobile phone app up and running. Right after installation, it will start uploading spy reports for you.

In order to view the generated reports, you will be asked to create a Appmia account and log into it. So, come up with a secure password in advance. Do not forget that you will root or jailbreak a phone before installing the spy software. However, if you select the premium version, you will not have to root Android devices as it runs without any effort from you.

Depending on your preferences, you will have to pay $16 – $69 for Appmia Premium version or $199 – $349 for the Extreme one. The warranty periods may vary, so please check them in advance.

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