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mSpy Review: The Best iOS & Android Software to Improve Your Parenting

mSpy is a reputable spy application featuring innovative elements for parental control. Therefore, if you have any troubles with your kids or would like to learn more about their life and habits, this software is for you. Available for mobile and PC, mSpy gives you a unique opportunity to have a sneak peek into your child’s social groups and messages. It is possible to monitor emails and messages received/sent via Line, FB, Snapchat, etc. Still, the major elements are quite identical to the ones major spy apps feature; however, advanced spy components are versatile and make all the difference.

mSpy spy software is capable of identifying GPS location, restricting certain areas (geo fencing), spying on movements, viewing call history/stored files/calendar/etc., blocking websites and applications, checking browsing patterns and enabling other monitoring actions in the real time. It works well with the majority of well-known cell phone brands, i.e. iPhone, HTC, Sony, Samsung, LG, Blackberry and many others that feature iOS or Android.

Do not hesitate to make yourself acquainted with the main characteristics of this app and learn how it will aid you to control teenagers.

Spying Characteristics

  1. Put a Limit on App Usage, Online Browsing and Incoming Calls – Internet surfing is probably the most popular activity among the teenagers. They enjoy checking new websites, downloading and playing games or simply chatting on Facebook. However, the dangers children face on the Internet are enormous. They may not only view contradictory content but also become victims of cyber bullying. So, you may be willing to look through URLs and ban some of them.

Moreover, you can restrict undesirable contacts from calling by banning their incoming calls. Even though you cannot fully protect your kids from communicating with peers or attending parties, you can still keep their behavior within the set boundaries.

  1. Expert Keylogger– This innovative feature keeps you notified about everything a person does on his/her phone: taps messages, calls, views pictures or scrolls through a website. The best part of keylogger is the ability to access passwords and read through personal emails and conversations. Please note that this feature is developed for Android gadgets only.
  2. Checking Physical Coordinates by Using WiFi Networks– It is possible to know the exact place your child is being at any time. By checking the list of available WiFi networks and connecting to one of them, you will see the needed coordinates in just one click.
  3. PC Monitoring– Along with mobile phone tracking, mSpy can be used for monitoring the desktop of a person. This feature is of great help for spying on employees, who may trade sensitive information or share unique technologies with competitors. This spy software also offers the below-listed options.
  • User Performance – To track the time a user logs in and logs out
  • Keylogging– To keep an eye on key strokes, and hence, check whether an employee puts your company reputation at stake
  • Advanced Word Search– Any phrase an employee is searching at his/her workplace is no secret for you
  • Screenshots– You can make screen shots in order to see the agenda of a person and his/her progress
  • E-Mailer– Scanning through all the emails received and sent via various browsers is easy.
  • Application Usage– Get notifications about the most frequently used apps.
  • Installed Apps– Track what apps are being installed. Maybe some of them contain dangerous software for stealing information.
  • Regular Software Updates– Free updates are available on an ongoing basis.

The manufacturer claims that in addition to the above-listed components, new features for this software will be launched.

  • Round-the-clock communication support (chat/email)
  • Online search tracking
  • Copied and pasted info monitoring
  • Internet Browsing History and Preferred pages
  1. Unsurpassed Customer Support– if you compare mSpy to other mobile phone apps, you will understand that its customer support is definitely amazing. The manufacturer not only helps customers 24/7, but also has several communication channels to do it. So, you can contact the company via Skype, chat, email, helpline number or even in person.
  2. No Jailbreak for mSpy:as it was mentioned before, the app does not require special installation or downloading for spying on iPhone users. It is surely the safest way for everyone trying not to make any modifications on Apple’s gadgets. So, if you would like to monitor your child or employee but is not willing to jailbreak their devices, opt for mSpy without jailbreaking.

However, in order to start spying with this app, you should obtain the username and password for iCloud of a targeted person. As soon as you enter login information, you will get access to iMessages, Viber/WhatsApp group and individual conversations. Furthermore, phone call history, notes, calendar and other pieces of data will be available for your examination. In addition, you will be able to get spy reports via an online control panel.

Guidelines for Using mSpy

Installation is straightforward if you have decided to avoid jailbreaking. However, if you cannot access personal login info, it is better to secretly take the phone, download mSpy and install it. Follow the guidelines for successful installation and changing necessary settings. After you’ve completed this task, you will be able to view reports online. However, sometimes it takes several minutes to generate a report, so be patient.

There are two mSpy versions to select from. In order to make an informative decision, you should analyze your goals and needs, and then pick up the right package: mSpy without jailbreak or mSpy with advanced spying elements.

When purchasing the app for mobile or desktop, you have three options to choose from (family kit, basic and premium). The main difference lies in the subscription periods (monthly vs annual). So, the price ranges between $29.99 to $199.99.