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Phone Sheriff Review

Phone Sheriff is a unique software that was specially designed in order to provide the most efficient spy monitoring and control. The tool allows users getting all the notifications straight on your email address. Still, Phone Sheriff has one disadvantage, as it does not have an option to operate on the target device invisibly. Even with this shortcoming, this is one of the most powerful cell phone spy software.

Moreover, phone sherrif is compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices. This flexibility eases a life significantly, as you can use phone sherriff at any device you need to check. Besides, while purchasing phone sherriff every user can choose the most appropriate package and plan terms. It includes period, features and other options needed for every single customer. Fox example, the software is available on monthly, semiannual or yearly basis.

According to PhoneSheriff Reviews, the Android target device must have 10MB of free space to install the tool. Therefore, in order to install sheriff software correctly, check in advance for a free space on the device monitored.

Monitored Data

As one of the most efficient cell phone spyware, Phone Sheriff can provide a wide variety of functions. It is easy with phone sheriff to look through your kid’s browsing history, multimedia files, communication history, phone calls, etc. Moreover, the software provides GPS location of the target phone’s owner, so you will be always aware where your child spends his day. Furthermore, sheriff app allows checking through information, calls and messages that were previously deleted.

Alerts and Limits

The phonesherrif allows putting numerous restrictions on your child’s cell phone activity, and getting notifications when something is wrong or your kid faces dangerous harmful content. This function lets parents to block any of websites they think may contains inappropriate content. You will also be able to get an alert when someone tries to uninstall sheriff phone software or remove phone’s SIM card. The instant notification in such a case is a great opportunity to control everything, and be aware of any unpleasant deal. In case your kid tries to enter blocked sites or uses bad language, you will be also notified.


The only disadvantage of phone sheriff v2 is the inability to operate invisibly. Therefore, your kids or employees will know you are monitoring their activities. In the same time, as it stated in numerous PhoneSheriff Reviews, the app provides great tracking and reporting capacities described in detail at Moreover, all the activities gathered into certain categories are easy to look through and save, if needed. Every customer can get calls information, texts from messages, current locations and a browser history from the target phone.

Moreover, every new information and data that appears can be automatically sent to your email, if you set such settings. According to PhoneSheriff Review, the software does not keep you waiting long for the information to be downloaded. With the possibility to control other person’s activities remotely, an app from, simplifies everyone’s life. In case your kid uses dangerous software or enter websites with harmful content, the software allows you uninstalling certain programs or block access to definite sites.

Support and Help

In recent Phone Sheriff Review, the Support Service was carefully checked. At, every user can gain professional help needed while software’s purchasing, usage or installing.
Moreover, many PhoneSheriff Reviews outline a friendly support service provided via email or live chat. Every user can get quick respond, materials and tutorials needed for the software successful usage.


PhoneSheriff is an efficient cell spy software that provides top-notch tracking, reporting and restriction features. The application helps parents and employers to keep an eye on their kids and employees. It is very useful tool, as you can always be sure the person, which device you are monitoring, stays safe and secure. With a user-friendly interface, professional customer support service, PhoneSheriff remains one of the most popular spy software.