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Kristian Wright 07 / March / 22

Spry-LTD are scammers, don't trust them!

Broker Spry-LTD - Forex Scam!
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The Internet broker Spry-LTD, which operates in England, is considered a scammer with an unclean reputation.

When we go to the official website of Spry-LTD -, we will find that the company under study provides Forex brokerage services in England. Spry-LTD also offers trading software.

Our experts explored the official website of Spry-LTD, got acquainted with the terms of operations, tried to get demo access to the services, studied the existence of securities, the region of registration of the organization.
With the help of this information, we will find out: Spry-LTD - a divorce or not?

In addition, we will explain to you how not to get into the networks of criminals, about their methods of operations. We will provide all the necessary information in order to keep your investment safe.

Spry-LTD is based offshore

The main sign that is criminals is the country of registration. The organization is documented in the Marshall Islands, which is already suspicious, since the company operates in the UK. Offshore regions are popular with scammers due to the lack of legislation and control.

Moreover, this region does not have permissions for Forex activities.

In addition, when our employees tried to identify the legal address, information about the owners and directors of, they could not find anything.

This demonstrates that is a criminal online broker, dealing with which will result in significant financial losses.

No information about the owners of Spry-LTD

After analyzing the website, our experts have not been able to find any reliable information about the organizers of the organization No address, no telephone or other means of contact.

Usually, this means that the owners try to hide data about themselves in order to hide from responsibility for crimes. Even if you manage to contact one of the employees of Spry-LTD, then this will all end, and the real directors of the shadow organization will remain at large.

Website - Spry-LTD, is less than thirty days old

The website of Spry-LTD talks about the extensive experience of operations in the financial Forex market.

The main method of web site analysis is obtaining data about the domain. Most often, they contain the age of the existence of the domain, data for the owner's connection.

In a specific case, the domain name has been active for less than thirty days, and the data about the individual who owns it is hidden. Another evidence that the organizers of Spry-LTD are trying to preserve their incognito.

Such a desire can be accepted, but not when it comes to a company acting as an intermediary between a trader and the Forex financial market.

At the same time, themselves assure their potential clients that they have been successfully trading Forex for many years. has no demo time limit

It is a normal practice for Internet brokers to provide clients with a test version of the programs so that they get acquainted with the interface, try out the possibilities in trading on the Forex financial market with virtual money.
Unfortunately, on the site, we did not find information about the demo period, the opportunity to try the software.

We think that organizers most likely do not plan to give customers a trial access to a paid service, as someone is able to begin to suspect a scam.

Broker operates with a negative balance

Registered companies that operate in Forex do not use a negative account in their work. By law, a broker user cannot spend more than what is currently on the balance sheet. In rare cases, when the balance goes into a negative value, its debts must be repaid not by the user, but by the company that has provided its services.

Therefore, legal online brokers do not use a negative balance in their work.

However, provides its traders with trading with a negative account, that is, on credit.

What is it for?

To drive the user into a minus and demand to repay the loan. This is one of the most popular methods of deception used by scammers.

If this happens, you need to know that the scammers have no way to get investments in accordance with the laws of Britain. All methods of influencing customers are illegal. The most that criminals can do is call, write threatening messages.

It is impossible to cooperate with Spry-LTD, as the agreements will turn into new losses. operates with a credit ratio of one to four hundred or more

At this point, it's obvious that Spry-LTD are criminals. Nevertheless, let us point out another nuance, namely the existence of an excessively high credit leverage.

The credit ratio is the ratio of funds of users and online brokers when making a trading operation. It makes it possible to carry out large transactions for clients who do not have sufficient funds available.

In order to protect clients in the Forex market, in developed regions, the current legislation provides for the use of a credit ratio with the highest ratio of one to thirty, in exceptional cases fifty.

At the same time, Spry-LTD uses a credit leverage of 1 to four hundred for trading activities in the Forex market.

This attitude is allowed in Switzerland, as companies registered in this state enjoy considerable trust. However, Spry-LTD is not registered in this country.

In fact, Spry-LTD is not authorized to operate in the Forex financial market with such leverage due to the high risk to clients. Actually, this is used in order to force the user to give as much money as possible, but also to drive into loans.

Spry-LTD Local Branches

It is considered prestigious for any financial organization to have local offices in civilized countries, even if the work takes place only in England. Therefore, Spry-LTD reports that in addition to an impressive number of awards, there are regional offices in Britain, Australia and other civilized countries, and also about a large number of qualified employees.

Checking the existence of these offices is quite simple. After all, there are industry structures that regulate the work of brokers. In England, this is FCA, and for example, Australia - ASIC.

Therefore, a legal organization is required to have supporting papers from these or other organizations that will prove their authorized right to provide trading services on the Forex financial market, regulate the level of responsibility.

However, after analyzing the industry's official websites, we could not find them. Which once again reinforces our suspicions.

For registration on, you need to transfer confidential data

As we mentioned earlier, Spry-LTD does not have a trial period, and therefore, in order to gain access, you must immediately pay the minimum deposit to Spry-LTD scammers. In addition, access to the personal account is possible only after passing user confirmation.

This means that Spry-LTD requires users to submit data such as:

Also, with the initial payment, criminals are able to access bank account data.

Together, this data can enable fraudsters to issue a loan to the user, or to implement other shady schemes.

Since for registration on the website, it is necessary to transfer personal data, our specialists did not get access to the personal account of Spry-LTD as well as the software for trading on the Forex market.

Opinions about Spry-LTD

An extremely important step in exposing Spry-LTD is the study of feedback from traders.

A detailed study of the issuance in search engines gave us the following information:

Therefore, reviews of Spry-LTD report that the Internet broker in question is a scammer.

Spry-LTD contact details and white papers

After reviewing the information on, we found a lot of dubious digital official papers that can be easily made using a graphic editor. They are not confirmed by official firms, which means they cannot be trusted.
If an Internet broker is not associated with regulatory firms, then its traders simply have nowhere to turn for help.

On the "Contacts" page, our employees found a phone number. It turned out that it had already been used by an illegal online broker. There are also many reviews on the web about fraudulent activities associated with the phone number listed on

Withdrawing money from

Are you going to make money with the help of an online Forex broker? Make sure you can take money from him.

After analyzing the user agreement on the Spry-LTD website, our employees did not find any information available about the withdrawal methods. In addition, we saw a mention of fees for the inactivity of a personal account, while there was no information about their size. Since the bandits do not operate in the official field, it will not be possible to challenge these requisitions.

That is, even if the user has stopped working with Spry-LTD, he can be disturbed by calls and write letters demanding to pay the fine.

How does Spry-LTD work?

The user search method used by Spry-LTD is also alarming.

For promotion, false profiles are used in social networks, in which non-existent people spread information about how they instantly managed to get rich by making transactions in the Forex financial market through Spry-LTD. Non-existent people show expensive cars and jewelry, trips to resorts, and other indicators of a wealthy life.

Bots guarantee a rapid increase in profits, for which you do not need to learn or make efforts.

If a client gets in touch with them, Spry-LTD managers talk about the possibility of instant income, and also about some unique features of their services that allow you to quickly earn big money.

After that, various tricks go into work, allowing you to get the maximum finance from the client. For example, a fake profit can be arranged for the user to motivate them to transfer more money.

When Forex trading becomes negative, a company representative will recommend investing more to cover losses.

Spry-LTD employees act according to algorithms developed by professional manipulators. They study information about the user in order to act on specific places, to get even more finance.

One way or another, it all comes down to one of the options:

Another way to generate income for Spry-LTD can be the transfer of your personal information to interested companies. Probably, as a result, complete information about you can be bought for a small amount of money on an anonymous Telegram channel on the shadow Internet.

It is likely that after that all kinds of scammers, managers, etc. will start spamming you. In addition, it is worth waiting for letters from Spry-LTD's accomplices, who will offer to "receive" lost finances, of course, for payment.

Since Spry-LTD does not operate within the law and remains anonymous, Spry-LTD cannot be compelled to respond under current UK law. The leaders of the criminal firm are skillfully hiding and, at best, the police will be able to arrest one of the "administrators".

Can Spry-LTD be trusted?

It is forbidden!

Only if you plan to transfer finances to scammers, then it is better to spend them on a good deed.

In short, we list the facts indicating that Spry-LTD are bandits:

Detailed review of Spry-LTD - completed. It is clear that Spry-LTD are scammers.



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