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Kristian Wright 19 / July / 22

How to get money back from iDeal Trade? iDeal Trade honest customer reviews

Exposing Fraud, deception of users.
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Companies offering Forex brokerage services are constantly appearing. In order for traders to know who they can trust, we made a review of iDeal Trade operating in Polonia.

Our employees examined the official website of, information from open databases. website - overview is a standard official site with a negligible amount of information. A potential client is immediately given the opportunity to get acquainted with the tariffs, register and “start earning”.

Contact information - phone number and address.

No information was found about the experience of providing services, obtained permits and certified documents, methods of cooperation with clients.

In addition, for the review, our staff analyzed the domain details. We found that the domain name has been around for less than thirty days.

More information can be found in your personal account.

Because of this, it can be firmly stated that the website provides very little information, which naturally creates concern.

iDeal Trade Review - Brand Legal Address

After analyzing the legal address written on the website, our experts found a large number of publications about fraudulent fraud related to fraud in the Forex financial market.

Our employees did not find any facts indicating that a real company is located at the indicated address published on

It also raises concerns that the official address of iDeal Trade is not located in Poland, where the brand operates, but in another country. overview - phone number

Having studied the phone number, our experts found information about its use in shady frauds. Previously, the phone was also used by scammers pretending to be online Forex brokers.

iDeal Trade Review - reviews

An extremely important part of the review is the study of references on the Internet. On the site, our experts found several similar, unreliable reviews with fake photos and fictitious personalities.

In the search engines, the issue showed our specialists a large number of negative reviews and reviews of

As a rule, clients write about the inability to withdraw money, the disgusting work of the service, the boorish behavior of employees.

Therefore, judging by the mentions on the Internet, iDeal Trade are deceivers.

Gifts for creating an account from iDeal Trade

As a rule, newly formed organizations offering services in Forex give bonuses to registered people for creating an account. As a rule, these are various pleasant little things, for example, consultations of analytics specialists. However, on the iDeal Trade website and in promotional materials, our experts have revealed information about gifts in the amount of the deposit. It must be understood that these are deposits that an Internet broker gives users to work on the Forex market, and not some tokens that do not go beyond the system.

This is extremely suspicious because with such gifts, the time to receive a profit from the client is delayed, with serious expenses.

Theoretically, one can come to the conclusion that the reason is the extraordinary kindness of, but in fact everything is much simpler. Investments cannot go beyond the system, as the whole operation of iDeal Trade is a scam.

iDeal Trade account types

On the website, it is really possible to find many types of accounts that differ not only in trading rules, but also in the size of initial deposits. This is a common method of motivating traders to spend heavily, to open an expensive account.

You can be sold individual expert advice, insured transactions, access to exclusive information. However, all this is a hoax, it is used only to pull out investments.

You need to know that no matter how much investment you transfer, it will go to criminals, because are scammers.


Leverage is a standard tool for making money on the Forex financial market, which allows you to trade for an amount much larger than the trader has. The missing investments are taken on credit from the broker. Companies that provide their traders with the opportunity to close deals with high leverage take a serious risk, and therefore allow this opportunity only for verified players. But are scammers, therefore they use leverage to drive their people into loans and seek repayment of fake debt.

Time to refund

Traders trade in the Forex financial market to earn income. Naturally, this is impossible without the withdrawal of deposits. Accordingly, the question arises: "Does iDeal Trade have a time frame for withdrawing investments"? On the official website, our experts found references to the fact that the withdrawal of money is made instantly and without commissions. In practice, such conditions are not always offered even by large, official brokers. What's the catch?

The fact that are scammers and are not going to give people the opportunity to withdraw money. Therefore, will promise the best working conditions. But all their promises are empty.

Reviews appeared before iDeal Trade started working

As we said before, the website has been up and running for less than a month. And yet, on popular resources, you can find references three months ago.

Most likely, before the start of the scam, specialists ordered false mentions on well-known portals so that traders would get the impression that the company had existed for many months.

Some of reviews:

iDeal Trade Review - test period

On the website, there is no demo access to software that makes it possible to evaluate the level of services offered.

iDeal Trade employees want the client to immediately transfer their confidential data to them and make the lowest payment.

iDeal Trade Review - Withdrawals

In theory, the withdrawal of a user's investment occurs through a form on the website. It makes one doubt that a visitor can use it without registration. That is, the appeal will be considered in manual mode, which is unrealistic with a significant number of traders.

Our experts have come to the conclusion that this form is only used to demonstrate to potential victims the ability to withdraw money, but in fact this will not work.


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