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Kristian Wright 09 / June / 21

New broker Wise Capital Limited: review of services

Facts about the broker Wise Capital Limited | Wise Capital Limited reviews.
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In this review we will try to find out is Wise Capital Limited - scam or an honest company.

This company works on Forex, gives advice on trading currencies, precious metals, indices. It also provides access to cryptocurrency platforms. The core audience lives in EU countries, and almost all of them are English-speaking natives. The broker headquarters are located in London UK.

And even while the company starts to enter other local markets, as claimed by the Wise Capital Limited itself, the majority of traders are sill the Europeans.

Broker Wise Capital Limited: what details are available at the moment:

Broker Registered in the City of London, UK

The full address looks like this:

Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St, Cornhill, London EC2N 1HN, UK.

Some important facts about the broker Wise Capital Limited

Any potential future client of the broker needs to know the following:

Review of the Wise Capital Limited official website

The main page of the company's website contains all the basic information for the client: contacts, payment systems for depositing and withdrawing funds, details on account types.

What can be seen on the Menu block?

There are no populist attempts to tell the whole world about the basic strategies on the very first page of the website, but trader can find a full package of instruments:

The “Documents” tab deserves special attention, for these are documents defining the mutual obligations of the service and its users. The documents have not been translated into any local languages, including the user agreement – it’s quite natural, since a separate provision names the English version as the main one, even if the translation was published. Materials about data encryption, confidentiality obligations, verification requirements and participation in international programs, as well as details about risks and refunds are all published in original language, for avoiding misinterpretation.

User reviews about the company

The site does not have a special section for reviews (and, perhaps, it will not appear), so you need to look for them on other sites. Most of the clients who wrote their opinions about the broker did so in English but also you can find local reviews.

As a result, we’ve determined the top-5 review topics:

Our conclusions: the site was able to attract novice traders and managed to earn their trust (for any reasons and even for fast withdrawals with no delays). Unlike Wise Capital Limited scam in the brokerage environment come across, first of all, on the fact that their money is constantly "stuck".

Among the negative reviews, the most complaints are about the strict requirements for full registration in the service. It is possible that for the EU segment, these requirements are even more stringent (not only scanned documents, but sometimes even a telephone interview, sometimes you need a photo and several types of documents), since all the security measures are aimed at the security of accounts and safe trading.

Account types

There are six types of account types. They differ from the "market average" ones, since they clearly divide the audience into three groups, instead of dividing them into several types of tariffs within each.

Accordingly, the approaches to these client groups and the available trading opportunities for them greatly differ.

But the size of spreads and leverage for all tariffs are the same, which significantly increases the potential for beginners.

Wise Capital Limited reviews about the basic terms of cooperation

According to the position of the Wise Capital Limited scam on the site will not pass under any reason. That is why such strict verification is needed. Company can ask you to send the following documents:

Moreover, in case of problems with verification, the site has the right to demand physical (paper) copies of these documents, and even official translations (through a licensed translator).

Account can get freezed at the suspicion of money laundering through the service platform. This sounds very strict, but it actually works in the clients' favor. The average trader who trades in order to make a profit and create a financial cushion and a constant source of income for himself is unlikely to launder millions. Thus, ordinary users will pass through verification no more demanding than at any other site in our time.

Wise Capital Limited has recently entered the new markets and therefore offers favorable terms of cooperation to traders - beginners and experienced ones. This broker is supported by its British registration, more than ten years of experience, the presence of more than 11 thousand investors, the connection of analysts and technical managers, a convenient terminal, up-to-date quotes forecasts, timely withdrawals and basic training programs.


Comments 6

Harvey Matthew 04.07.2021

More than two months ago, I opened a brokerage account at Wise Capital Limited. The first impression is all too simple. Then the support explained that it will be necessary to pass the verification of the account before the first withdrawal, there you will have to sign the papers. But it will be the first and the last time. All other procedures are quietly carried out via the Internet. Trade conditions are satisfied, on the strong four. Static spreads are not high. Bonus is absence of commission on withdrawal and input. Orders are executed quickly. There are no webinars, tournaments, contests or promotions yet. More to come probably.

McCarthy Kenneth 16.07.2021

To be honest, I had to suffer over the Meta Trader terminal after registering with Wise Capital Limited. Well, it was incomprehensible to me after Qwik. While I figured it out, I understood what was happening, by that time I was already able to appreciate it for dignity. Along the way, I found out that the broker does not provide so many tools. To start, in principle, just enough, you can work normally. Static spreads, low quotes. There is no commission to withdraw, after a heap of other brokers this is a real relief. The output itself passes quickly, an hour, maximum two, but usually less.

Hunt Joseph 28.07.2021

Checked into Wise Capital Limited last November. Satisfied. Low enough spreads, the system allows you to trade with virtually no restrictions on any volumes, if your deposit allows, of course. There are no problems with the withdrawal, as well as the commissions for the withdrawal - also not, and it is really convenient. I have a serious technical claim, the MetaTrader terminal is crookedly installed on a MacBook, through an emulator, somehow this is inhuman, uncomfortable. At the same time, the terminal doesn’t seem to care, it doesn’t even slow down, and it’s not buggy. But, it would be better to have a web version of the terminal for such cases, seriously.

Heath Edward 01.08.2021

I decided to share my experience, this is my first review on the Internet. About a month ago I opened a base account with Wise Capital Limited. When choosing a broker, I relied on the level of spreads on AUD and NZD, I always work mostly with them. It turned out to be easy to work together, spreads are rather lower than those of the others, fixed, nothing jumps. Attentive support, consultants assist and no nerves need. Everything is OK with dial-in to support. I noticed that the list of services could be expanded, to add more platforms, so far there is an opportunity to trade only with the Meta Trader 4 terminal. And for newbies, it would be great to upload some training webinars.

Stanley Gervais 17.08.2021

I have a silver account at Wise Capital Limited. I opened somewhere in the beginning of spring. Satisfied almost completely, expectations are justified, the broker copes. Everything is as promised, market quotes, fairly low static spreads, only for them there are commissions, and they do not use the percentage for I / O. From experience, I can say that here is a great native analyst. Effectively assembled support team, smart guys, but it is not always possible to get through from the first time. I'm not green, but I think that it would be possible to add demos and micro accounts to the general functionality, it’s not so scary to start trading with them.

Rice Peter 29.08.2021

To be honest, Wise Capital Limited is not the first offshore broker I work with. It is very important to think carefully, weigh the pros and cons when looking for such companies. There are such cunning guys who run the funds through their servers, but they don’t bring them to the foreign market. Of course, I relaxed with the Wise Capital Limited, I've already withdrew several times without any problems. Spreads are fixed, relatively low. The profit is clear, although I can judge mostly by AUD and NZD. For me, there is one uncomfortable moment, I do not like to make phone calls, to communicate live, spend time on it. And here the support works in the telephone mode, well, you can still write on the email. It would be much easier to get advice on the messenger or chat on the site. Maybe I'm not alone.