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Kristian Wright 10 / November / 22

In Brief: Keller Finance Limited review

Forex broker Keller LTD: overview of the company
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To begin with, most Forex brokers are much alike, and, unfortunately, the scammers who just pretend to be brokers are imitating the established brokerages quite successfully. Whether Keller Finance Limited worth dealing with? Can it be good broker for low-cost trading? Answers to these and others questions are in our Keller Finance Ltd review as of 2022 below.
The initial impression is rather positive – the company looks quite usual. The only thing that may look a bit disturbing is probably minimal information regarding its management or founders. Nevertheless, since we are not going to write their biographies that seems not so critical. The key demands are the terms of cooperation and their affordability from the clients’ point of view.
So, can we say Keller Finance Limited is the best broker for beginners? The answer to this question depends on what this Forex broker has to offer to this category of clients. Most likely it is its Basic account type. The minimal deposit is EUR250 – frankly speaking, there are lower thresholds to be found in the market. But this fact taken alone doesn’t mean much, so let’s review Keller Finance Ltd Basic plan in full.

As we see on the screenshot, Basic account suggest just one asset type (the other accounts suggest up to 4 types) and 9 major currencies. Which seems a bit unfair – all in all, there are other Forex brokers offering almost the same conditions for smaller money. On the other hand, this account type includes over 25 tools, 3 insured deals and the services of the personal account manager. The last but not least, spreads are specified as either fixed or floating, which is also good. There is no simple answer on question, which spreads are better, and it is quite useful to have the option of choice in accordance with personal preferences or market conditions or other factors. All these things put together make Forex broker Keller Finance Limited one of the best brokers for beginners in our opinion.
One of the best brokerages in terms of functionality may be, but not the very best, because demo mode or training of any sort is missing. The company explains it with the fact, that their platform was developed by people with solid background in trading and was designed to be as easy to use as it was possible.

We don't have to take these Keller Finance words, of course. But according to reviews about Keller Finance Limited, the difficulties when using the platform are minimal. Actually, nobody is saying it is too complicated or too difficult to use. Authors of Keller Finance Ltd investment reviews rather mention such things as instant execution and the simplicity of the trading platform and its tools, which sounds good.
Another strong point usually mentioned in reviews about Forex broker Keller Finance Limited is the variety of payment methods, supported by the company. These are given in the website’s footer. There are some complaints regarding payment terms in Keller Finance reviews, but the delays are mostly explained by the specifics of intermediaries work rather than by the company policies itself (and the company warns about that also).

Judging by Keller Finance Limited invest reviews there are things about the company to be improved though. Users’ complaints mention the support desk’s work, which is characterized as not fast enough. That is quite common thing for brokerages in general – if you find a brokerage whose clients are completely happy with the way its support works, please let us know. Hopefully, Forex broker Keller Finance Ltd reviews its policy and expand the principle of instant execution to the support desk’s performance, too.
Speaking about Keller Finance reviews, there are not too many negative things and detected in general. And which is more important, they don’t mention any serious problems. The company seems to be the real Forex broker, not being blamed for any wrongdoings or fraud practices.
Summarizing our review of Keller Finance Limited as of 2022 we should admit, that the company is positioning itself as the Forex broker for beginners and fits this criteria in general. There are some things which could be improved, and obviously there is something which should be improved (all those reviews about Keller Finance Limited support’s work), of course. But in the end of the day the reliability of a broker is the crucial factor, and we haven’t found anything which would prove that Keller Finance Limited can be called dubious or unreliable company.


Comments 10

Herbert Mitchell

I had no complaints about the brokerage service from VTB24, but I got tired of dealing with paperwork. I tried other, less well-known options until I reached the young broker Keller Finance Limited. Here all the paperwork is minimized, you only need to verify once before the first withdrawal, everything is done online and over the phone. Isn't it a miracle? The money is entered quickly at the current exchange rate of the bank, no fee. It takes up to an hour to submit a request and withdrawal, and there is no commission, not counting the bank. Adequate quotes, fixed spreads, low starting threshold, all key currency pairs, affiliate program. No training material and could have expanded the range of financial instruments.

Bill Ray

Been with this broker for several years. In my opinion, if you want to start trading, the best option is to go for them. And they will teach and show and the odds are good. And no one will try to cheat you, and such things are hard for a beginner to recognize

Jessica Gibbs

Opened a new account, getting used to the conditions. Limit orders are handled clearly, the software works great, the broker is good

Nicholas Wright

Three months ago I registered with Keller Finance Limited broker. I was full of contradictory thoughts. The company is young, its reputation is not developed yet and the feedbacks in the Internet do not provide me with the full picture. I was doubtful and was ready to leave at any time. I finally calmed down when I talked to the technical support and realized that the promised trading conditions really worked. It turned out that in spite of its youth, the company was formed by experienced financiers with great experience in exchange trading. All processes are optimized, the MetaTrader terminal has been tested for years and experience of many traders. In every situation the employees act as one organism, help and support with advice. I have my own personal manager who I turn to if I need it. There is practically no entertainment content, but not everyone needs it. But I have low static spreads, possibility to choose trading direction and all major currency pairs. Now I have my own pleasure with trading and enjoy the growing profits.

Earl Davis

At the end of the week I got my first withdrawal. Everything went so quickly, I even did not expect. The withdrawal request was made and the next morning everything was in my pocket, as they say. Respect to the finance department. In general, I do not write reviews, but now I am inspired.

Kevin Carpenter

Just got my first withdrawal. Low fees, fast transactions, live active platforms are a big plus.

David Armstrong

I accidentally found reviews about this broker and realized that the broker is not just working, but very successful and gaining popularity among experienced traders. I quit at minimum wage right away, now I will trade for another month and I will triple my deposit easily.

Gary Moss

Great broker. I have been cooperating with them for about a year now. The conditions here are good, favorable for trading. Good support service and much more. The reviews are mostly positive, so you can trust the company.

Andrew Hayes

I can say with confidence that there are quite suitable conditions for newcomers to the market as well. The main positive aspects of the company is that they do not interfere with work, money is withdrawn without question, there are many trading tools, great bonuses, but you still need to be careful with them, always read the conditions for bonuses carefully.

Roberto Smith

Honestly, I was very interested in the reviews of the company. I am planning to open a trading account here. As a trader, I will write about my successes.