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Kristian Wright 31 / January / 21

Honor 50 can get a 100-watt charge

Honor 50 phone reviews from experts
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The honor is going to come back with great specs and very fast charging. We are waiting for the new product!

We have already told you that the network recently leaked a product photo of a smartphone from the honor 50 series.

Apparently, there is less and less time left before the announcement. otherwise, it is difficult to explain such a large number of all sorts of rumors and leaks about the device.

one of the nth-an00 models (apparently a regular honor 50) will come with a 66w hw-110600c00 network adapter. This adapter was supplied to the last smartphone of the brand — honor v40.

but another model nra-an00 (perhaps we are talking about the honor 50 pro) will come complete with a network adapter hn-200500c00 power of 100 watts. According to leaks, we are talking in this case about a technology that is routed on the qualcomm quick charge 5 protocol. accordingly, the smartphone should receive a soc from qualcomm.



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