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Kristian Wright 24 / October / 19

How does a GPS tracker work?

How does GPS tracker help us
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It's easy to figure out how a GPS tracker works: most of these types of devices function according to a single scheme. Using such devices is also simple: manufacturers usually equip them with a clear and user-friendly interface. 

Still, in order to organize an effective navigation or monitoring system, you need to understand exactly how GPS trackers work. And for this you need to understand how such devices are arranged and how they interact with satellites of the global positioning system. 

Why do we need GPS trackers? 

Cars and other objects, the movement of which needs to be monitored on distance, today are equipped with various devices designed for satellite monitoring. Such devices can be conditionally divided into two groups - beacons and trackers: 

A GPS beacon is a fairly simple and compact product, which is almost always equipped with an autonomous power source. Lighthouses are usually used where you need to provide a one-time determination of coordinates - for example, when searching for a stolen car. The beacon does not constantly communicate with the satellite: data is exchanged periodically, at a set interval (in standby mode - less often, after activating the beacon - more often). 

A car GPS tracker, unlike a beacon, can provide constant data transmission from satellite to a computer, tablet or smartphone. This allows you to track the movement of an object in real time with minimal latency. Alas, the extended functionality does not allow making the device autonomous: they usually work from the on-board network.

Commercial vehicles are usually equipped with GPS trackers. This allows you to solve a number of tasks:

Speedup response not any emergency situations - accidents, thefts, etc.

- Communication with the satellite system for determining and coordinates at the current moment. 

- Transmission of vehicle position data to the user. 

For this, the kit includes the following elements: 

 - one for communication with satellites, and the second for working with a mobile network. 

Despite the fact that such systems usually operate from the on-board network, almost all of them are equipped with autonomous batteries. The presence of a backup battery allows the device to transmit data even in the absence of the main power supply.


Now let's analyze how a car GPS tracker works? The scheme is very simple: 

In addition to the main function - determining the location of the vehicle - trackers can be used for other purposes. The list of additional features of such devices includes: 

 Having figured out how the GPS tracker works and what modules it consists of, you can choose a model with the required functionality for you. At the same time, the efficiency of the navigation and monitoring system directly depends on the correct installation and configuration of the equipment. So you need to entrust the performance of these works to qualified specialists.




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