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Kristian Wright 14 / April / 22

Simple Tips for Boosting Sales on Amazon - Sellbrite

How to increase sales on Amazon?
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Since Amazon's entry into the Polish market has become a fact, more and more entrepreneurs are considering taking advantage of the opportunities offered to their businesses by the above-mentioned website. The more that Amazon, as a global giant in the e-commerce industry, allows you to quickly enter foreign markets.


Although the Polish version of the website has been introduced recently, Amazon has been operating in the world for over a quarter of a century, constantly enriching its offer. Over the years, the international marketplace has gathered over two million sellers. Thus, by Polish entrepreneurs who are just taking their first steps in selling on Amazon, it is a real challenge. How to stand out from millions of offers and be successful?


Buy Box

One of the priorities for Amazon sellers is to get the so-called Buy Box. What is that? A feature of the website is to present each product so as not to duplicate it in the search results. Thanks to this, the website is more transparent and the customer can easily find the thing that interests him. After entering the product card, Amazon presents offers from sellers who have a given product on offer. The best offer is listed in a separate section at the top, followed by other sales offers.


In practice, the distinguished offer takes the majority of sales, especially on mobile devices, where the other offers are almost imperceptible. Over 80% of purchases are made on the basis of the Buy Box. No wonder so many sellers are striving to highlight their offer!


The question is, how to compete for the Buy Box? Unfortunately, Amazon has never taken an official position on this matter. Nevertheless, it is well known that the factors influencing winning include the selected logistics model, with the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program being promoted. The price of the product with delivery is also important, but it does not mean that the lowest price guarantees getting a Buy Box. Amazon also pays attention to delivery times, available shipping options, customer feedback, as well as the availability of goods and the quality of customer service. Therefore, the more attractive the offer for customers, the greater the chances of getting a Buy Box. Of course, in a situation where several sellers have similar results, Amazon presents their offers alternately. It is also worth knowing that the website awards a Buy Box to itself in the first place, so you should not rely only on the products that Amazon has in its direct offer.


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