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Kristian Wright 02 / November / 22

Keller Finance Limited: Scammers look for easy prey

Keller Finance Limited: Scammers? No!
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There is probably no market free of scammers, but in case with Forex the volume of their species and schemes they use is really impressing. How to detect fraudsters on early stage? Is there an algorithm to avoid most popular scams? What is the key distinguishing features of a Forex scammer? We have took a chance to ask these and other questions to one of the market participant. Feel free to use our anti-scam review based on Keller Finance Limited experience.

Question: First thing which disturbs most of the people who think of investing in Forex but are scared of scammers – is there a universal advice for their case? What is the most characteristic feature of a scammer, pretending to be a good reliable broker?

James Lee, CTO of Keller Finance Limited: There is no one single feature common for them all, I think. They just have the similar approach – most of scammers look for easy prey. According to recent scam review conducted by Keller Finance Limited, scammers are targeting unexperienced and uneducated users. Over 90pc of all scams are targeted for this category.

Question: So what does it mean for this category of users? How can they resist it?

JL: By moving to the next level. You educate yourself, do your own researches and little by little you’ll start seeing these things yourself, these scam attempts will become more and more obvious for you each day. Which means you are not an uneducated user anymore, and scammers will have to look for somebody else. Maybe not the fastest way, but it is the most reliable one.

Question: Sounds quite challenging. What should we start with? What would you recommend?

JL: Before becoming a client of some brokerage, you should make sure that you know enough about the company and its services. It doesn’t matter where exactly you start, just collect all information you can. If you are about to finish this process but you still have more questions than answers – that’s bad, really.

Question: OK, let’s try to find out is Keller Finance Limited a fraudster – we open the website and what do we see?

JL: Most likely, you’ll see the company’s address, contacts, incorporation number and full description of its services including the sums of minimal deposits for various accounts. We don’t promise incredible bonuses and fantastic gains, we don’t hold giveaways and don’t pay you for signing up itself. We also don’t promise to earn you money. Traders earn or loose themselves, we act like a place where they can trade, that’s it. I’ve mentioned some typical offers of fraudsters – as you can see, Keller Finance Limited does not need them. And the last but not least, we don’t charge thousands for just opening an account and granting the access to our platform.

Question: But there is some partnership program mentioned – isn’t it a bad sign?

JL: It would be a bad sign if we paid to existing clients for engaging new ones, indeed. But Keller Finance Limited is a legit broker, it is not a scammer building up a Ponzi scheme. That program is an element of promo campaign, it is not designed for clients.

Q: OK, let’s try another angle – what if we find some scam reviews mentioning Keller Finance Limited on the web?

JL: This is the right question to ask. Of course, you should look for them and read whatever you can find about the company, paying maximum attention to details. I mean details rather than emotions, say, just a statement like “Keller Finance Limited are fraudsters” is not enough.

Q: But there are some negative reviews, too…

JL: That’s natural. We are only humans, both brokers and traders, we make mistakes, that is inevitable. But efficiency of the brokers work depends on its ability to learn its lessons and to avoid those mistakes in future.

Q: What is the protocol in these cases, when there is a scam review mentioning Keller Finance Limited?

JL: It depends on the case. First thing to do is to find out what exactly happened. If there is an angry client, we can find some solution leading to mutual benefit in most cases. If this is a trick of some of our competitors and the feedback is fake, we have legal means to protect our reputation.

Q: But what if there really was an incident and it was the company’s fault? We don’t suggest that Keller Finance Limited uses fraud schemes, but you said yourself there can be mistakes, didn’t you?

JL: Then it sounds like a task for our quality control department. These are guys who follow such things and their job is to keep the number of these incidents as low as it is possible. They are in charge for the company’s level of services and the standards of its work. Literally speaking, they are paid by Keller Finance Limited but they are always on client’s side. So the other departments are really interested to settle misunderstanding themselves, before quality control department is involved. This is one more thing that Keller Finance Limited as legit broker has.


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Margaret Kelly

I like MetaTrader. It is an excellent stable platform for beginners and advanced traders alike and has its own app for tablets and smartphones. It is very convenient when you often trade on the go, on the go. You are always on trend and can follow market movements in real time. When I decided to change broker, I tried all options with MT. I was disappointed with the previous broker and had some unclear losses, and then I realized that the problem was with upwardly mobile quotes. I`ve moved to Keller Finance Limited, I`ve got average quotes on EUR/USD. I reached my broker's forex broker, I've never had slippage, I've never had an order slippage, it works fast and without slippage. I understand that the broker is new on the market, it has no educational webinars, demos, tournaments, contests and other entertainment content. But reasonable support and scalping possibilities.

John Lambert

In general I agree with the positive statements about this company. It has some small details, but the withdrawal commission is small, trading conditions are good, in principle they give money and it is possible to make a great turn.

Jerry Smith

I like this platform. Everything works smoothly and I haven't had any problems.