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Three qualities of honesty: Marwick Investments Limited broker spoke about the choice of an intermediary in trading

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How to determine that you have an honest Forex broker? Marwick Investments Limited advises to pay attention to these signs.

Online trading has become so popular that new brokers are appearing almost daily. The positive effect of this is in the competition between companies, which inevitably leads to improved trading conditions for the end customer. And the negative consequences are dishonest advertising, hidden commissions and other tricks that brokerage companies resort to in order to attract clients.

How to find an honest intermediary who will provide favorable conditions for Forex Marwick Investments Limited - a company that has been operating in the stock market for 5 years. This expert named three basic qualities of an intermediary company that confirm its honesty.

Top 3 basic rules for an honest broker - by broker example

Every company is obliged to comply with laws that protect consumer rights. For example, the right to receive complete and accurate information about the product or service for which you pay money. Knowing all the nuances of billing, liquidity guarantees, terminal functionality - it is important not only for the trader, but also for the broker to provide maximum information. After all, then a person is more willing to become a customer, receiving all the answers at once.

Quality of honesty №1 - openness, providing full information about the service.

Quality of honesty №2 - customer protection.

Forex broker Marwick Investments Limited reminds that European intermediaries are simply obliged to comply with the requirements of some programs, otherwise they will not receive a license.

General Data Protection Regulation - a set of rules that protect personal information of the client (from name and address to the amount and date of the transaction). This program involves the use of cryptography and tokenization for customer data, as well as storing some information offline.

Anti Money Laundering - anti-fraud measures that must be applied by participants in online financial transactions. It's about protection from shady deals, speculation and scams.

Know Your Customer is a "Know Your Customer" program that involves verifying the identities of online bidders.

To make sure that the broker you choose runs these programs, read its documents. GDPR rules are often set out in the broker's "Privacy Policy".

Quality of honesty №3 - fulfillment of financial obligations.

Guarantee of liquidity of transactions, trouble-free withdrawal of funds according to the terms of the contract between the client and the company. There are many cases of bankruptcy on Forex Marwick Investments Limited points to the importance of the company having guarantors of its liquidity and no customer feedback on delays in payment. There is a description of ways to replenish the account and withdraw money on the website. In the personal account, customers can make changes to their account (for example, change the portfolio) and make a request to withdraw funds.


An honest intermediary can become a reliable ally in the market, support the client's initiatives, train him, advise a really profitable strategy. After making sure that the company has a transparent policy of working with traders, it is still worth asking its managers all the interesting questions. Good luck trading!


Comments 17

Larry Mann 05.03.2022

I want to present to your attention one of the dinging centers (DC) in the Forex market Marwick investments limited. Who is at least indirectly related to this topic of earnings, knows that a serious struggle for customers is being conducted between the DC and this positively affects the level of service. In my opinion, this DC offers its services at a very high level.

Carl Lewis 23.03.2022

I do not trade with the help of advisers, but test more various strategies in manual mode, since there are a lot of them on the network. I transferred a no deposit bonus of $ 15 into the category of a regular account with a balance of more than $ 100 less than a month. An application for a transfer of money is executed within 1 business day and there are no % for the transfer. For myself, I decided that working on Marwick investments limited is not even bad. But this is one of the two DCs on which I work at the same time. I will write a review about the second when I can transfer the $ 200 bonus to a real account.

Charles Estrada 29.03.2022

Thanks for the excellent service! I advise everyone! Quick withdrawal and entry of funds. Fast execution of orders. Convenient trading conditions. Online help. I am very pleased with the trade. I recommend.

Anthony Thomas 09.04.2022

I met Roboforex three months ago. To this day I am not going to part with him. The execution of orders is on top, the speed is good. The support service responds instantly, which is very pleasant. The site interface also pleases and creates a comfort atmosphere.

Leo Henry 21.04.2022

I tried four brokers. Now I'm trading in Marwick investments limited. Marwick investments limited I like very much. For the sake of the examiner, I tried to withdraw $ 25, the money came instantly, it was very surprised and delighted. None of the weaped DCs had this, everywhere money went from day to three. I advise everyone this broker, you will not regret it.

Kevin Moore 06.05.2022

With all the variety of forex - brokers and DCs, including in the post -Soviet space, Marwick investments limited is confidently in the top. For many reasons. I have been working with this DC for about five years and there have never been any problems with him. Very competent and professional support that really helps you solve your issues and does not dismiss you.

Steven Lewis 10.05.2022

I have been trading for Forex for three years and managed to trade with many dinging centers and had to deal with various problems. For six months to this day I have been selling at Marwick investments limited. I have been pleasing to the rapid performance of orders, not mandatory verification of a mobile phone and passport data.

Michael Townsend 23.05.2022

I have been working with Marwick investments limited for more than two years. I was very lucky that at the beginning of my journey I registered here. I consider the main advantage of this broker the small size of the deposit with which it is possible to start auction, three dollars on a pair of NZD/USD are enough,

Robert Aguilar 24.05.2022

The excellent website of the company Marwick investments limited, a good analytics sent to personal mail, but it is necessary to carefully treat the time spaces published on the graphs. The withdrawal of funds is made without failure for many payment systems on time, duplicated by messages in the mail. Behind this broker you feel reliability.

James Hayes 31.05.2022

He did not regret that he began to trade with Marwick investments limited. Normal conditions, always friendly support, good maintenance. I recommend this company for trading, especially for newcomers there is a lot of interesting and the lack of a minimum deposit for trading.

Roger Hicks 31.05.2022

Many good words can be said about a broker Marwick investments limited. I’ll start with the fact that I personally have been working with him for about two years, during this period no bad action was noticed on their part, moreover, excellent technical support in this company. No time had to contact them once online, or by mail, the answers have always been quick and high-quality in content. A very small deposit amount is only one dollar, the withdrawal of money is simply instant without any delay.

Richard Roberts 01.06.2022

I trade in the financial market through a broker Marwick investments limited, I am satisfied with the broker, fulfills the transactions well, there are many different bonuses, the company's analysts give their forecasts every day, you can also discuss the current situation in daily webinars, there is also a center of Roborex analytics, there is information about Open positions of trees and signals of technical indicators.

Robert Howard 01.06.2022

A couple of months ago, he began cooperation with this broker, at first there were some difficulties at the stage of registration (they are seriously approaching by the time of verification of their customers), but everything managed to decide everything quite quickly with the help of friendly technical support! At first I replenished the account for $ 100, received 50 dollars in the form of a traded bonus, those that you can keep the drawdown what is pleasant (of course there is an obligation by lots but who says that everything here is tactlessly), TC was looking for a broker for the PAMM Service, then after the first profit in 17% made his account as a signal supplier in their project Marwick investments limited, we are waiting for the first investors))) I also made a test output on webmani - it came for 15 minutes.

Charlie Wells 02.06.2022

I know the broker, I work with him. I do not trade myself, I put an owl, she jerks a little pips in the clock. I will not say that Klondike, but extra money is not so extra. I recommend for automatic trading as mine.

Charles Phillips 10.06.2022

I fully support, a normal broker, without cockroaches in my head and stupid restrictions, complete freedom. Any residue in the account is any trading strategies. At the same time, the CEM is trading there probably more than a hundred list in the terminal. In short, you can work.

Charles Lee 10.06.2022

I have been trading with this broker, and for a year as real money. Although initiated like everything from the bonuses, and then he noticed a certain prospect. I want to highlight them from others in that Yana Bonus trade is no different in behavior of the terminal and quotes from Real Madrid. Who experienced understands what I mean, for this Marwick and value.

Christopher Wise 12.06.2022

In fact, the office is not bad, you can trade if you have an understanding of what it is. You can, of course, and Marwick be guided, but it is also better to have TSKU tuned to it. And so everything is fine, I do not regret.