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Three qualities of honesty: Marwick Investments Limited broker spoke about the choice of an intermediary in trading

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How to determine that you have an honest Forex broker? Marwick Investments Limited advises to pay attention to these signs.

Online trading has become so popular that new brokers are appearing almost daily. The positive effect of this is in the competition between companies, which inevitably leads to improved trading conditions for the end customer. And the negative consequences are dishonest advertising, hidden commissions and other tricks that brokerage companies resort to in order to attract clients.

How to find an honest intermediary who will provide favorable conditions for Forex Marwick Investments Limited - a company that has been operating in the stock market for 5 years. This expert named three basic qualities of an intermediary company that confirm its honesty.

Top 3 basic rules for an honest broker - by broker example

Every company is obliged to comply with laws that protect consumer rights. For example, the right to receive complete and accurate information about the product or service for which you pay money. Knowing all the nuances of billing, liquidity guarantees, terminal functionality - it is important not only for the trader, but also for the broker to provide maximum information. After all, then a person is more willing to become a customer, receiving all the answers at once.

Quality of honesty №1 - openness, providing full information about the service.

Quality of honesty №2 - customer protection.

Forex broker Marwick Investments Limited reminds that European intermediaries are simply obliged to comply with the requirements of some programs, otherwise they will not receive a license.

General Data Protection Regulation - a set of rules that protect personal information of the client (from name and address to the amount and date of the transaction). This program involves the use of cryptography and tokenization for customer data, as well as storing some information offline.

Anti Money Laundering - anti-fraud measures that must be applied by participants in online financial transactions. It's about protection from shady deals, speculation and scams.

Know Your Customer is a "Know Your Customer" program that involves verifying the identities of online bidders.

To make sure that the broker you choose runs these programs, read its documents. GDPR rules are often set out in the broker's "Privacy Policy".

Quality of honesty №3 - fulfillment of financial obligations.

Guarantee of liquidity of transactions, trouble-free withdrawal of funds according to the terms of the contract between the client and the company. There are many cases of bankruptcy on Forex Marwick Investments Limited points to the importance of the company having guarantors of its liquidity and no customer feedback on delays in payment. There is a description of ways to replenish the account and withdraw money on the website. In the personal account, customers can make changes to their account (for example, change the portfolio) and make a request to withdraw funds.


An honest intermediary can become a reliable ally in the market, support the client's initiatives, train him, advise a really profitable strategy. After making sure that the company has a transparent policy of working with traders, it is still worth asking its managers all the interesting questions. Good luck trading!


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