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Kristian Wright 05 / November / 19

MobiStealth Software Review 2016

MobiStealth: a Versatile Solution for Cell Phones and Laptops
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Whenever looking for good value spy software to monitor behavior of your children or employees, check MobiStealth. A great advantage of this app lies in its high compatibility with such operating systems as Android, Symbian, iOS and others. Indeed, many applications work well with Samsung and Apple gadgets, but when it comes to Nokia cell phones, there is only a handful of options, and MobiStealth is definitely the leader.

Nokia phone owners can be spied on with the help of this surveillance app. It can be used as mobile tracking software or as a program, which keeps an eye on desktop editions. A great thing about MobiStealth is its affordability. Therefore, even if you are on a tight budget, you can still spy on employees and kids without spending a fortune.

Let’s discuss elaborate tracking characteristics of this mobile phone spy app.

The software is commonly used for scanning emails and text messages, checking incoming and outbound calls, looking through WhatsApp and FB conversations, etc. Besides, you can flip through stored files, i.e. pictures, contacts, agenda, reminders and other folders.

Spying Aspects

The app can easily accommodate the spying needs of modern parents and reputable employers by offering an impressive range of components.


  1. Keep Track of Instant Messengers– If you compare this app to MySpyApp or mSpy, you’ll see that the number of messengers you can spy on is quite limited. The list of messengers MobiStealth can track on includes WhatsApp, MSN, Yahoo and Skype. 
  2. Stay Updated about the Location of a Red Marked Person– If you are wondering where your significant other, kid or employee is spending their free time, you can check their whereabouts with this app. There are two ways of obtaining this information. First, you can monitor their location by using incorporated GPS. In order to do that, make sure that the GPS tracker is on. The app will generate a report for you where you’ll find the individual’s locations and movements on an interactive map. The info is usually updated every 8 minutes, so you get a very accurate picture of what’s going on. However, the drawback of this method is the fact that you don’t have much control over a targeted person, so he/she can turn GPS off on their mobile phone at any moment.


The second tracking method is sometimes more feasible since it doesn’t require GPS to be switched on all the time. When GPS is turned off, you can still see where a person is. The app receives signals from satellites or available WiFi networks and identifies the coordinates on the map.

  1. Look through the Content of Their Emails– Sent, received, drafted or deleted – you can view all the emails, regarding of the browser or domain. MSN, Skype and Yahoo conversation threads are also available.
  2. The Necessity of Jailbreak for iPhones– When selecting this software, you should remember that you’ll have to perform a jailbreak if an individual you’re tracking uses an iDevice. Only after you’ve done, will you be able to install the app and gather the desired data.
  3. Phone Data Protection – This characteristic also known as cell phone wiping allows you to protect an individual’s details. It is necessary if a phone is stolen or lost, so no third party will be able to get access to it.
  4. Info about SIM Changes – If the person you’re spying on decides to change his/her SIM card, you will instantly get an email or SMS about this.


How to Use MobiStealth?

This cell phone software is designed with user needs in mind, which presupposes simple installation and smooth tracking processes. All the data is safely delivered to your personal account.

If you would like to check the loyalty of your employees, the desktop version of MobiStealth can come handy. Indeed, it is very hard to make sure whether your staff is really working or killing time and trading information. Good news is that it’s possible to control all the actions of office workers, both by desktop and mobile phone monitoring. From now on, you will know for sure what’s going on in your office when you are away.

The manufacturer of MobiStealth offers three versions of this software: mobile, Mac and PC. All of them are available for different periods of time and come in three packages: basic, lite and pro. The price tags for this spy software vary from $49.99 up to $139.99.



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