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Kristian Wright 17 / January / 22

What you should pay attention to when choosing a tariff plan: the main criteria

Overview of criteria for choosing a plan on your phone
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Many of you are probably faced with the same decision: the old mobile phone contract is about to expire and you are considering whether you should sign a new tariff. In principle, this is not a bad idea, because your contract is usually no longer profitable after the minimum term has expired. So it often makes sense to cancel the old contract and sign a new contract. But which provider should you choose?
Basically, you should consider these five things when looking for a tariff

The search for the best mobile phone tariff with the most favorable conditions is often very difficult. There are thousands of providers and a wide variety of options. It is an advantage if you already know what your tariff should look like. Do you call a lot? Then pay attention to a telephony flat rate when choosing a tariff. However, if you surf and stream a lot, you should pay more attention to a sufficiently high data volume. Which factors also play a role? You should consider this when choosing your cell phone tariff:

Data volume

The amount of data volume is immensely important if you use your smartphone almost exclusively for surfing. To be able to decide how much data volume you need per month, you can simply go to the website of your current mobile phone provider and see your current data consumption there. Many providers also make it possible to add data volume to your tariff afterwards. However, this depends on the respective provider.

Number of free minutes — telephony flat rate

For many of you it is still important to be able to make a lot of calls and thus have enough free minutes available. For some of you it is therefore worth taking out a telephony flat rate or integrating it into the tariff. But also pay attention to whether you have to make calls abroad or not. Although EU roaming has been included since the EU regulation, some tariffs, such as Aldi Talk, are designed so that you can make phone calls in the same network. In this case, that means from Aldi Talk to Aldi Talk and therefore not in all German or European landlines and mobile networks.


When choosing a tariff, the speed of data transmission also plays an important role. The standards are already at 3G to 4G, but it is important that you deal with this topic. If you need a high download speed because you often use streaming services, you should make sure that you have a download speed of 1000 MBit/s. This corresponds to Generation 4 (4G or LTE) of mobile communications standards

Network Coverage

The network coverage plays an important role if you rely on good reception. Telekom, for example, has very extensive network coverage, while Telefonica is somewhat less widespread. This has less impact in the city than in the countryside. It is therefore best to look at the network coverage maps on the websites of the respective providers to see how good the telephone connection is in your place of residence.

Minimum Contract Term

A last important point when choosing a suitable mobile phone provider is the contract period of the new contract. Most contracts have a minimum contract term of 24 months. During this time you are bound to your contract and cannot cancel for the time being. So if you want to be more flexible, you should choose a tariff that can be canceled monthly. Find out about the notice period in good time so that you don’t get caught in a cost trap.


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