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Kristian Wright 08 / March / 19

What Is The Best Parental Control App Right Now?

Parental Control App for Android or iPhone - Reviews 2018
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Now that children are getting more tech savvy than ever and have surpassed adults in internet use, the question of parental control apps for iPhone and other mobile operating systems becomes even more serious. Some parents may have concerns about whether it’s ethical to use iPhone parental control app or they should allow their children to have digital privacy. However, for most parents using parental control is simply a necessity, and what they need is the best parental control app. Check out our list of the best parental control software available today.

1. Qustodio is the ideal choice for families that owns devices on different platforms. For $55 a year you get an app that will work on any OS, including desktop Windows and Mac computers. It’s not as rich in features as some other parental control apps for iPhone out there, but it has the major advantage of limiting time spent per app.

2. Norton Family Premier, available both for Android and iOS, is worth checking out if you prefer software from renowned companies. Norton costs $90 per year, and for that price you will get the ability to manage multiple devices in case you have more than one child. Norton’s best feature is the excellent location tracking ability.

3. Net Nanny should be your number one choice if you’re looking for an affordable price tag and have only one Android device to manage. For $60 you receive access to a wide range of web features and a variety of age-based profiles that will significantly speed up the setup process. However, there is no ability to limit time spent on specific apps.

4. Mobile Spy is available for $100 a year and the licence can include up to three devices. You can consider Mobile Spy to be the best parental control software if you’re more focused on logging the child’s activity than taking proactive steps in protecting the child.

5. PhoneSheriff has been named among the best iPhone parental control app for years. You can get PhoneSheriff for $89 a year. For that price you will get one of the most generous sets of features among spy apps. The only thing that users aren’t too happy about is the difficult installation process.

6. ESET Parental Control offers a wider variety of features compared to other Android phone spies for just $30. This app is focused on web and app use, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy this functionality. However, if you are looking for the best parental control app with location tracking, you might look elsewhere, since ESET doesn’t offer this feature.

7. Lock2Learn stands out from the rest of the parental control software for two reasons. First, it’s available for free. Second, it’s not like other apps – it doesn’t allow you to monitor calls, text messages, and location history. Instead it gives you an opportunity to restrict screen and app time, so it’s definitely worth a try.

How To Choose The Best Parental Control Software?

When looking for the best parental control app for iPhone or Android, especially if you’ve never worked with this kind of software before, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re feeling lost in the variety of phone monitoring software, here is what you should look for to make the right choice.


There are new parental control apps released every month, which means now you get to choose from dozens of software titles. We recommend choosing the best parental control app for iPhone and Android from this list:


This list is sure to grow soon, which means you can always look forward to the next best parental control app!

Setting Parental Control Apps on Devices

The process of installing and setting up parental control software can differ from one app to another, but the most typical procedure will look like this.

1. Search for the parental control app on the App Store or Google Play of the target device and install the app. Make sure to disable all restrictions before the download.

2. Enter your account details to log in or sign up if you’re new to the service.

3. Enter the information about the child you want to monitor: name, gender, age, and profile picture.

4. Grant the necessary permissions when prompted by the app.

5. Choose a password and save the settings, allowing the target device to be monitored remotely.

That’s it! Now you securely monitor your child’s smartphone and be completely sure they are safe online.



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