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Kristian Wright 26 / May / 21

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 review: how to take care of your health in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 review: how to take care
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Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 review: how to take care of your health in 2020

Samsung has wasted no time and noticeably pumped up the second version of its popular fitness bracelet. The developers have improved battery life, expanded functionality and reduced the cost by almost half. The gadget has learned to automatically detect activity, as well as monitor hand washing and stress levels. We tested the new gadget and are ready to tell you about its features.

Controls and design

These days, it's hard to surprise anyone with a fitness tracker design. The Galaxy Fit 2 looks traditional: a plastic capsule with a display and electronics, plus a rubberised strap.

The screen is covered by a slightly curved protective glass. In practice, this makes the gadget look a little sleeker. The rounded display also makes it easier to use your finger to switch between workout modes. There's no question about the fit and feel. The bracelet is light and thin enough not to notice it on your hand.

The strap is attached in an unusual way: instead of the classic tab, a button is used to secure it. After other trackers this option does not seem the most convenient, it took a few days to get used to it.

Menu navigation is done using the display. There is a separate touch button underneath it. Operation is intuitive - with swipes you can switch between modes and scroll through the information in them. Pressing the key below the screen takes you one step back.

Vivid and informative display

The screen is the eye-catcher of the fitness tracker. The Galaxy Fit 2 uses a 1.1 inch AMOLED colour display with a resolution of 126x294 pixels.

The picture quality is excellent: the image is sharp and contrasty, and what's on the display is clearly visible even on a sunny day. Since there is no sensor for auto brightness adjustment, you will have to adjust the brightness level manually.

The Galaxy Fit 2 displays notifications of incoming events correctly, it has no problems with Cyrillic text. The message is easy to read in full by swiping through its contents with gestures. You can not only see notifications, but also reply to them thanks to the short blanks. There is no limit to the number of apps that can send data to the tracker. Everything is adjustable in a utility on the phone.

The display is switched on either by a flick of the wrist or a touch of the touch button. A variety of watch faces are available in the brand app, offering 13 styles and 76 modifications.

Functions for sports and beyond

The plethora of options are eye-opening. There are basic functions that are present in any fitness tracker: counting steps, calories spent in everyday life and during training, as well as heart rate measurement.

Bluetooth 5.1 connects to your smartphone. You'll need a mobile phone to track your movements on the map, as the accessory has no GPS. The bracelet can withstand immersion to a depth of 50 metres - useful for professionals and amateurs who go swimming.

The smart tracker automatically detects the type of activity and counts calories burned, heart rate and time spent during your workout. Running, walking, elliptical, rowing and dynamic exercise modes are all supported. In a week of testing, the gadget unmistakably recognised small runs around the house. Sleep monitoring is also available. The Galaxy Fit 2 measures various factors that affect sleep and makes recommendations on how to improve it. Finally, there is an alarm clock - the bracelet will wake the wearer with a vibration.

Other new features include handwashing tracking. When you activate the relevant preset, a timer will start for 25 seconds - the amount of time it is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly. You can also activate a reminder to wash your hands every two hours throughout the day.

The gadget also monitors stress. Its degree is measured using certain biomarkers: heart rate, number of recent movements and so on. To combat stress, the Samsung Health app provides breathing exercises to help you relax.

Standard functions like timer, music control and time display are also present. Conveniently, track switching works with all players, including Yandex and Spotify streaming platforms.


There's no need to detach the strap to recharge it. A small charger attaches to the bracelet from the bottom, and already to it you need to connect the USB cord, which will supply power. The battery takes around an hour and a half to charge.

The autonomy is highly dependent on the usage scenario. With only counting steps and periodic viewing of the current time, the tracker will last up to 21 days. If the tracker is used up to its full potential, it will drain around 60% of its charge in a week. To do this, we switched on a two-hour tennis workout for seven days, constantly spinning notifications and switching tracks.

What was the end result?

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is suitable for everyone who wants a device that is easy to use in everyday life and has extensive functions. The fitness bracelet automatically detects workouts, tracks sleep phases and switches tracks. It is packaged in a lightweight case and offers many different dials. The tracker is worth paying attention to not only because of its reasonable cost, but also because of its quality software. The gadget displays notifications correctly in Russian, and all the claimed features work without a hitch.


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