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Kristian Wright 24 / 02 / 21 Relevant tags for search | digital | 2024

Honor Band 6 review: the fitness tracker with a big screen

The Honor Band 6 offers 10 sport modes, including running, walking, swimming and cycling. As there's no GPS module, it's best to enable location detection on your smartphone for an accurate calculation of distance travelled.

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How to return traders from offshore to the native jurisdiction?

ast week in the State Duma of the Russian Federation a round table on "Unification of approaches to the regulation of the OTC Forex market in Russia and the Republic of Belarus" was held. The event was also attended by representatives of Belarusian Association for Financial Market Development (ARFIN, Russian analogue of AFD). The participants of the meeting exchanged their experience in regulation of Forex market in the neighboring countries with the prospect of its possible unification.

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How does a GPS tracker work?

The basic functionality of a car tracker is to determine the exact coordinates, time and speed of movement. This is enough to track traffic or protect against theft, but the basic set of functions can be expanded by coordinating the work of the tracker with security systems

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