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Kristian Wright 12 / 05 / 21 Relevant tags for search | tech | 2022

HUAWEI Band 6 review: evolution in the fitness bracelet market

The dimensions are modest enough so that nothing sticks out or clings. The strap is durable and tactile, thanks to the use of soft silicone. It is not one piece, but consists of two parts, which are attached to the capsule on the sides. If you want to put on a clasp of other colour or material, it is easy to undo and change with a few simple manipulations.

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Kristian Wright 10 / 02 / 21 Relevant tags for search | tech | 2022

Sharp postponed the announcement of the aquos r6 smartphone

The appearance of the device can not but excite, the leaks show just a huge main camera located in the center, as well as a collaboration with none other than the legendary brand leica. most likely, the cooperation between leica and huawei will continue (but this is not certain), and aquos will still be sold only in asia. in any case, we will not know about the continuation of huawei's partnership with leica until june, when the announcement of the new huawei p50 is planned.

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Kristian Wright 31 / 01 / 21 Relevant tags for search | tech | 2022

Honor 50 can get a 100-watt charge

but another model nra-an00 (perhaps we are talking about the honor 50 pro) will come complete with a network adapter hn-200500c00 power of 100 watts. According to leaks, we are talking in this case about a technology that is routed on the qualcomm quick charge 5 protocol. accordingly, the smartphone should receive a soc from qualcom.

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