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Kristian Wright 08 / February / 19

TeenSafe Review

TeenSafe Reviews - Track Phones with Teen Safe App
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TeenSafe is one of the newest apps for tracking smartphone activity. How does it compare to other popular apps on the market? Let’s start with Teen Safe app pros and cons.





How Does TeenSafe Work

Since TeenSafe is targeted on parents of teens, the installation and use have been made especially easy. There are many things you can learn from using TeenSafe. Find out about the most important ones from our TeenSafe review.

  1. Every letter typed on the device is recorded, which means you can monitor SMS, iMessage, emails, and most popular messengers.
  2. TeenSafe supports monitoring deleted messages.
  3. Track current location and location history to get a better idea about the whereabouts of your teen and for emergency situations.
  4. Browser bookmarks, most visited websites, media files, Instagram posts, and contacts will all be available in TeenSafe for you to view.


Keep Your Children Safe With TeenSafe

Sooner or later most parents of children and teens face the difficult choice between allowing their children to keep their privacy and wanting to protect them at all costs. The online world is filled with predators, negativity, bullying, and other activity no parent would want anywhere near their teen. From this point of view, TeenSafe is the perfect option for parents.

For an affordable price and with little to no fuss, TeenSafe allows you to monitor your child’s online activity. You may feel uneasy about violating the child’s privacy, but the numerous stories about TeenSafe helping capture another child predator or bully are more than enough for most parents to be fully convinced.


As we’ve already mentioned in our TeenSafe review, the support provided by the service is somewhat limited: it’s available over the phone, but the working hours are limited. You can also get in touch with them through email and contact form.

Report & Log

Get access to the following information:


Keep in mind that some of these features are available for iPhone only.

GPS Location Tracking

With TeenSafe installed on your child’s phone, you can track down the location of the device at any moment and get access to the location history if you’re having doubts over your kid’s previous or past location.

Price vs Quality Correlation

TeenSafe compares nicely to many monitoring apps on the market: you can get a 7-day free trial; after that the licence will cost you $14.95 a month. You can cancel the service anytime you want. There is also a TeenSafe Control for iOS, available for $9.95 per month, which allows you to remotely control the device.

Devices Supported

TeenSafe is available on a wide range of mobile devices. Most Android phones and iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad, can be used with TeenSafe.


If you look at TeenSafe reviews, you will find that they are almost unanimous in their decision: TeenSafe is a perfectly acceptable brand of cell phone monitoring software. It may not have the biggest variety of features, but it offers parents a decent range of monitoring capabilities for an affordable price. The only thing we would change is the customer support: a service like this should have customer support available 24/7.

TeenSafe Parents Reviews

Julianna Mitchell: I have been using TeenSafe for a couple of months to find out what my two kids are doing online. I’m not great at technology, but I didn’t have any issues with TeenSafe yet. I’d recommend it to all moms out there!

David Brown: TeenSafe isn’t my first phone tracking app, but it’s the one I’ve liked the most so far. Everything works smoothly and I’ve never had to contact customer support in three months I’ve used it.

Liz Moss: I was having doubts whether I should use the app – I didn’t think it was ethical at first. However, when I realized I can now protect my teenage daughter better, I don’t have doubts anymore.



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