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ussian Auction House (RAD) Electronic trading platform Russian Auction House.

The Russian auction house has become a federal platform!
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The Lot Online platform is operated by the Russian Auction House (RAD), one of the founders of which is Sberbank of Russia. So, in addition to the largest site Sberbank-AST, Sberbank has another one called RAD .

Official website of the Russian auction house, website of the electronic trading platform -

ETP RAD is positioned as an all-Russian universal electronic platform for the sale of goods (both public and private) and the purchase of goods, works, services. The trading volume for the entire 2017 amounted to 260 billion rubles. In the categories "Purchases", "Bankruptcy", "Privatization" and "Commercial bidding".

The Russian auction house was previously included in the list of auction sites for state and municipal property with 5 federal EPZs. Now this list has been expanded to cover government contracts.

Accreditation on the RAD website

On the Russian ETP Lot of the Internet auction house, there has long been a section for purchases under 223-FZ, later in the second half of 2017, a section under 44-FZ appeared. State customers began to place purchases under 44-FZ there, and more than 300,000 enterprises accredited in other state order EPZ lined up in line for accreditation.

Trading under 44-FZ for the sixth electronic platform began in 2018. One of the first customers of the new trading platform was the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

At the end of 2018, the electronic platform "Lot Online" bypassed the ETP Zakaz.rf. The volume of announced purchases exceeded 126 billion rubles, 66,000 lots have been placed.

Contacts of Batch electronic online platform

Multichannel phone: 8-800-777-57-57 (24/7)

Address: 190000, St. Petersburg, Grivtsova lane, 5, letter B

Andrey Nikolaevich Stepanenko, General Director of LLC "RAD"

In 2017, 28.5 thousand objects were traded at the RAD ETP for an amount exceeding 260 billion rubles.

Lines of activity of the electronic platform:

A high-tech tool for the purpose of selling the assets of debtors (bankrupts), ensuring the interests of creditors, the debtor and society. The electronic platform "Lot-online" is approved by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia for the sale of property of debtors (bankrupts). "Lot-online" occupies a leading position in the market among the operators of competitive sites and has the maximum number of SRO arbitration managers as partners. Operator's liability is insured.

The electronic platform provides an opportunity to purchase goods, works, services to enterprises that are subject to the provisions of Federal Law No. 223-FZ "On the acquisition of goods, works, services by certain types of legal entities, as well as to any commercial organizations." use electronic procurement to optimize their activities.
Lot-online is a high-tech and convenient software and hardware system. multi-party and multi-party procedures.

This is an all-Russian database of non-core and distressed assets of banks, insurance and leasing companies, as well as other owners who have damaged property. The site allows you to quickly find buyers and sell products in the most open and efficient way without involving third parties.
The All Pledges website is an authorized operator of the register of realizable assets of debtors of Sberbank of Russia OJSC. Trust in the first bank of the Russian Federation speaks of the high efficiency and quality of the services offered.

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Name Russian Auction House OJSC
Official website
Phone +7 800 777 5757
TIN 7838430413
Legal address 190000, St. Petersburg, Grivtsova lane, 5, LITERA B

Russian Auction House - a large universal electronic trading platform. CONTENT In addition to bankruptcy auctions, the company is active in the following areas:

Such a versatile activity of online auction lots speaks of its great weight among other electronic sites.

What interesting things can be found in the section "Property of bankrupt companies"? For example, here are some enticing items auctioned in September 2018:

To start working towards bankruptcy and private property trading, you need to create an account on the site a lot online.

Participate in auctions for the sale of debtors' property many onlineany individual can: it is enough to have an EDS, information about the TIN, SNILS, last name, first name, patronymic.

A valid email address and phone number is required. A link to activate your account will be sent to your e-mail within a quarter of an hour after registration. After this procedure, you will need to upload electronic scanned copies of supporting documents to your profile.

Profile verification (accreditation) usually takes 3 business days, but can be expedited up to 3 hours. For this, the ETP Russian Auction House offers a paid express accreditation service. Beneficial for users who urgently need access to trading.

EDS is useful not only at the moment of registering an Account, but also when submitting applications for participation in an auction (if you act as a Participant) and registering new auctions (this is the role of an Organizer). auction site many online cooperates with many certification centers (there are more than 15), the main ones are: Tensor and A ЭТП.

The advantage of the site is a lot of online The fact is that several services can be connected to a verified account at the same time. In other words, the user will be able to work in all selected areas, for example: RAD auctions, mortgaged property and public procurement.

To participate in the auction, it is important to choose a convenient and universal resource, where a large number of assets are presented. The Lot Online trading platform fits this definition.

"Online trading lot" is a common query in search engines. This popular site often appears in our video reviews with examples of real items that can be purchased at auction with a discount of up to 90%. In this article, I will tell you what is special about it.

The history of Lot-online

Lot-online is an electronic trading platform that appeared in 2010. It is the brainchild of the Russian Auction House. The platform was created for the sale of services and goods in various sectors of the economy, and now its functionality has expanded even more.

In 2017, the resource was registered in the unified procurement research system. In addition, the ETP has been tested by the Ministry of Economic Development and is recognized as suitable for filing for bankruptcy. It is one of the 8 approved public auction sites.

The marketplace of the Auction House of the Russian Federation is one of the leading in Russia.

In a short video, I showed you how to quickly find land, cars, titles and other lots with the biggest discount on this marketplace:

Online package. Overview

Lot-online advantages

There is a lot of competition among trading resources, so Lot-online is an electronic trading platform that is maximally adapted for the convenience of users:



It is convenient that all offers are divided into separate sections. For example, if you are interested in the property of debtors, you can immediately go from the main page to the appropriate section - “ Bankruptcy”. This approach saves time and simplifies the search for suitable lots.

What events are organized on the site?

Russian Auction House is an electronic trading platform with advanced features. Now there are various kinds of tenders and purchases, however, the resource has additional services and tools for working in all the areas presented.

By the way, only on this trading platform it is possible to pass the privatization procedure in electronic form. This option has been available since 2011 and many have already taken advantage of it.

On the Auction Competition House website, you can only participate in commercial transactions and public auctions. As I said, the potential of the RAD website is much greater. This option is also suitable for those who want to make money by buying property of debtors.

In the Lot Online: Bankruptcy section, there are already more than 158,000 offers for the sale of various assets: land, business, cars, commercial and residential real estate. If you are looking for an apartment or planning to start a rental business, then I advise you to read the article in which I talked about how you can buy an apartment cheaply at such auctions:

Bankruptcy auctions are regularly held on Lot-online; Every day, new liquid kits appear in the public domain, which can be purchased for a penny.

To learn how to buy the assets of bankrupt companies and make money on their resale or become a specialist in trading and working with investors for a fee, register for our free master class:

How to get an electronic signature on Lot-online?

To participate in the auction, an electronic signature is required - a special cipher that serves as a digital analogue of a regular helping hand. EDS makes it easy to identify a participant and confirm the accuracy of the information provided by the participant.

"Lot-online" (electronic platform) offers the possibility of ordering a digital signature directly on the site. It is faster and more convenient than filling out an application on third-party services. You can also get an electronic signature at the certification centers "Takskom" or "Tensor"; they offer certificates suitable for many markets.

Only the TIN is required from the documents. To order, simply fill out the form:

After completing the request, you must consent to the processing of personal data and send a request:

The auction site "Russian Auction House" works only with a qualified signature. It is she who gives the right to participate in any auction on the resource. You must obtain an EDS certificate ready for use at one of the accredited issuing certification centers on the site.

I tell you in the article which digital signature to choose to participate in the auction and where you can get it in just 1 day:

The Russian Auction House e-commerce system provides for a special browser setting, using only Internet Explorer and installing cryptographic protection tools. If you ignore these rules, the data will not display correctly.

Accreditation at the Auction House of the Russian Federation: a step-by-step algorithm of actions

A participant must be accredited to the site to be eligible to perform actions on the site. The procedure is simple - filling out the form will take no more than 5 minutes.

To get started, you need to go to the desired section and fill in all the fields in accordance with the requirements:

You can go through a non-general registration, but immediately choose the direction of sales. If everything is done, the following form will open:

If you want to work on the Lot-online electronic platform, bankruptcy and repurchase of goods from debtors, I recommend that you first obtain an EDS, and then pass accreditation. If the digital signature has already been issued, it is better to download the data immediately so as not to return to this step.

The next step is to send copies of documents.

At this stage, you need to be careful - if you send scanned copies of low quality, you will be denied accreditation. You should carefully check all the files and take your time to upload them to the system.

Identifiers of documents that will help you get accredited to enter the Bankruptcy section:



I show the step-by-step process of registering on the site in this video:

Online package. Registration

After the application is signed, saved, and submitted, an email will be sent to the specified email address. It will contain a link that you need to follow to confirm the address.

If everything is in order with the e-mail, the accreditation request will be accepted for consideration. Usually the support service makes a decision no more than 5 days. If the answer is yes, then the Lot-online platform will give you access to all vacancies.

Money trading: learn how to make a profit without investing anything

I know that many people would like to try to buy assets of debtors and make money on them. The auction house of the Russian Federation and its electronic platform are ideal for this purpose.

However, I also know that newcomers are stopped for two main reasons: lack of funds to purchase items and lack of knowledge.

Our free tutorial will save you both of these problems.

Here we reveal the intricacies of participating in the auction and show many examples of buying items from the experience of investors. The information will be useful both for those who are not at all in the subject, and for those who have already taken a step in this profitable business.

We will also introduce you to the Dr. Watson Formula, an auction strategy that allows you to buy bankrupt assets without investing your own money at all.

If you want to have a good income even in times of crisis and at the same time not risk anything, then register to participate in the master class:

Click the button and sign up for a free workshop to learn more about the 5 steps of Dr. Watson's formula, how to buy cars, apartments and houses at a bankruptcy auction with a discount of 50 to 90%!

JSC "RAD" is the operator of the electronic platform, where purchases are made in accordance with 223-FZ. The portal is dedicated to public procurement. We will talk about the features of the functioning of the auction site "Russian Auction House" below.

Electronic trading platform "Russian Auction House" 44-FZ

According to the law on the contract system, Public contracts can be concluded on 6 trading platforms:




To work on the electronic trading platform of the Russian Auction House "RAD", participants must obtain and pass accreditation. Please note that customers subject to 44-FZ do not need to register separately. They use ENI portal accounts.

To register on the electronic platform of the Auction House of the Russian Federation, follow the "Registration" link located in the upper right corner of the main page of the site. Download the digital signature and fill in the fields of the registration form. If everything is correct, you will receive an email containing a link to activate your account. Follow the link, enter your login and password and enter your Personal Account.

For further work, you must fill out a user profile. After filling in all the required fields, check the box "I confirm the correctness of the entered data" and click the "Next" button. The system will ask you to confirm the creation of an electronic signature. Upload all the necessary documents and save the profile by sending it to the ETP operator for verification. In general, registration takes up to 5 days. . It takes 3 hours and costs 9000 rubles.

RAD Speed

To participate in trading under 223-FZ on the electronic trading platform of JSC "RAD" you need to make a deposit:



With an initial price of less than 200,000 rubles. participation in the procedures of the electronic trading platform of JSC "RAD" is possible without making a deposit. The cost of participation in the purchase is charged up to the amount of the winner's deposit.

How to apply for a Russian auction

To find an auction to buy on the Russian Auction House website, enter a search query. You can search by the following criteria:



To submit an application to the RAD Electronic Trading Platform, log in to the system and find the required procedure. Click on the name of the procedure to access the details and apply. Then click on the "Submit Application" button. The system will request access to certificates on the computer. In addition, it will automatically check for the required amount as a deposit to participate in the auction.

If there are enough funds, the system will open the application form. If you need to add documents, click the "Add Document" button. If you don't need to add any documents, click OK. The system will ask for confirmation of consent to block the deposit. If there is not enough money, the system will issue a warning about the impossibility of submitting an application.

To participate in the procedures, the participant must log in to the system, enter his personal account and select the "I participate" section in the "My procedures" section.

How to create a purchase

To enter the wizard for organizing new auctions, log in, enter your personal account and select the "Organize" item in the "My Procedures" section. In the window that opens, click on the "Create a new offer" button.

Client has access to:



First fill out the general purchase information section



Next, go to the "Customer Information" section. When all the information has been entered, click the "Next" button. The system will automatically switch to the "Settings" tab. In it, you need to specify the order in which packages are placed, as well as additional parameters for the procedure.

You can access the add lots function in the last step of setting up trading parameters. Fill in the fields:



After completing all the required fields, save the purchase and submit it for review.


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