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Trader Platform Review. Real reviews from traders.
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There are always companies selling intermediary services in the Forex market. In order for users to know who they can trust, our staff has prepared an overview of Trader Platform, which offers services in the UK.

Our specialists have read the website, information from open sources of information. website - overview is a normal web site with very little data. The visitor is immediately given the opportunity to get acquainted with the tariffs, register and “trade on Forex”.

Contact information - phone number and specified address.

Lack of information about the experience of providing services, existing licenses and regulatory papers, user programs.

In addition, for the review, our experts reviewed the domain information. It turned out that the domain name has been around for less than one month.

More information can only be read by registering.

Because of this, it can be confidently argued that too little information has been published on the website, which accordingly raises doubts.

Overview of - the official address of the firm

By checking the address written on the website, we found a significant number of references to illegal fraud related to fraud in the Forex financial market.

Our experts did not find any facts indicating that a legitimate company is registered at the indicated address published on

Additionally, it is suspicious that the specified Trader Platform address is not in the UK, where the organization operates, but in another country. overview - phone number

After analyzing the phone number, our experts found information about its use in fraudulent schemes. Previously, the phone number has also been linked to criminals posing as online forex brokers.

Trader Platform Review - Reviews from Users

An important part of the review is the study of references on the Internet. On the official site, our experts have identified a small number of standard, paid reviews with fake faces and non-existent identities.

In the search engines, the results showed our specialists a lot of bad reviews and reviews of

Most often, clients talk about the inability to return the investment, the poor performance of the service, the impolite behavior of the administration.

That is, if you look at the mentions on the Internet, Trader Platform is a scam.

Sign Up Bonuses from

In general, start-up Forex companies offer gifts to newly registered clients for creating an account. Most often, these are various pleasant gifts, for example, consultations from analytics specialists. However, on the website of the Trader Platform and in advertising, our experts found data on bonuses in the amount of the first deposit. You need to understand that these are deposits that an Internet broker gives users to earn on the Forex market, and not some coins that do not go beyond the service.

This is quite suspicious because with such gifts, the time for profit from the trader is stretched, at significant costs.

In principle, we can conclude that the reason is the unusual generosity of the Trader Platform, but in practice everything is much simpler. Contributions cannot go outside the service, as all activities of the Trader Platform are a scam.

Account Types for Trader Platform

On the official website of the Trader Platform, you can actually find many types of accounts that differ not only in working conditions, but also in the size of the minimum deposits. This is a common technique for pushing customers to make more deposits, to get a more expensive type of account.

You can be sold personal assistance from specialists, guaranteed profitable trades, access to exclusive information. But, all this is manipulation, it is used only to pull out investments.

It should be understood that no matter how much investment you invest, they will go to scammers, since are scammers.


Leverage is a widely used tool for making money on the Forex market, which allows you to carry out transactions for an amount much larger than the client has. The missing funds are taken on credit from the broker. Organizations that provide their users with the opportunity to trade with high leverage are taking a big risk, because of this they only give such an opportunity to skilled players. But Trader Platform are scammers, so they use leverage to drive their users into debt and demand repayment of a fake loan.

Return on investment

Users trade on the Forex market to earn income. Of course, this is not feasible without the withdrawal of money. So the question is born: "what are the terms for withdrawing funds from"? On the website, our specialists found references to the fact that the receipt of investments is made without delay and without deductions. In practice, even reputable, registered brokers do not always give such conditions. What is the setup?

The fact is that Trader Platform are criminals and do not plan to provide customers with the ability to withdraw funds. Therefore, will offer the best conditions. But all their suggestions are empty words.

Reviews appeared before created the site

As we've previously reported, the official website of the Trader Platform has been in existence for less than thirty days. And yet, on well-known resources, you can find references three months ago.

Most likely, the employees of, before starting the scam, paid for custom reviews on popular sites, so that traders got the feeling that the brand has existed for a long time.

Trader Platform reference examples:

Trader Platform Review - Trial

On the website there is no test access to the software, which will make it possible to evaluate the quality of services.

Trader Platform employees want the client to immediately transfer personal information to them and transfer at least the smallest payment.

Trader Platform Overview - Financial withdrawal

Formally, the user's funds are withdrawn using the form on the official website It is feared that the user can use it without registration. That is, the application will be studied manually, which is unrealistic with a significant number of users.

We concluded that this form is only used to show potential victims that it is possible to withdraw investments, but in practice this will not work.


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